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Example take home palette from colour analyis

Have a question? You are in the right place.

If you are new to personal colour analysis, image analysis, or general style and fashion consultations – you aren’t alone! I speak with women and men every week who want to improve their wardrobe and their colour palette, but have no idea where to start.

If you made it to this page, you are on the right track! Below I answer for you many common questions I receive about my services, including how it works, rates, what to expect, etc. Empowerment is important to me, and I want you to feel educated and comfortable embarking on this experience.

Still Have A Question? Feel free to chat with me (below), contact me or send me an email.


Nancy J.
Nancy J.
Joy is so professional knowledgeable and very easy to connect with. Fabulous to discuss body image, body concerns, clothes and fashion. I would highly recommend Joy services and consultation !! Both men and women can benefit from Joys knowledge !!!
Sherry T.
Sherry T.
It’s was pleasure to work with Joy! I highly recommend this business.
Azadeh Y.
Azadeh Y.
I took Joy's Personal Colour Analysis and was very surprised at the results. I'm typically drawn by warm tones and so my wardrobe is mostly filled with these tones. I discovered; however, that the best colours for me are cool tones. Joy's step-by-step process clearly showed me that I looked best in cooler shades and I didn't have many clothes in my ideal shades. Even my hair colour was the wrong shade! I'm now excited when I go shopping because I don't have to second guess my choices. I take my little swatch book with me to make sure I'm choosing wisely. I've even gotten good at it online 🙂 As a public speaker, it's important for me to stand in front of an audience feeling and looking my best. Joy's Personal Colour Analysis was priceless for me. If you're a CEO, leader, manager, entrepreneur, do it – you'll be adding to your competitive advantage.
Katie Marie B.
Katie Marie B.
Joy is extremely lovely and professional 😊 we had great conversation and she’s very passionate about colour analysis and image consultation! If you’re looking for a new wardrobe, send Joy a message 😍
Szara T.
Szara T.
I got so much out of my time with Joy. I left empowered with my body type with new knowledge of what would look great and accentuate my shape and I got to discover a whole new range of colours that look great on me; a new boldness for my wardrobe. This gave me the lift to be brave, playful and self expressed. Really I left loving myself. Thanks Joy.
Gail S.
Gail S.
Thanks to Joy, I have the least amount of clothes I’ve ever had and the most to wear!! Getting ready to go out for any occasion is so easy. Now that my clothes (and makeup) are in the right colour palette for me I can mix things up, creating many different looks. Friends & family have been very complimentary, which is lovely. If you want to love every piece of clothing you own, save money and time I highly recommend working with Joy. You’ll be so happy you did.
Linda E.
Linda E.
I’m worked with Joy as she’s did a full analysis of my skin , body type and personality. She then went to work shopping for clothing items that really make me look amazing. Joy is fun to work with and she really know how to style me. I am in my 60’s and plus size woman. It was a great experience.
Dr. Kathleen Mahannah, N.
Dr. Kathleen Mahannah, N.
Working with Joy helped me understand what colors/cuts look best on my body type with my coloring (I’m a redhead). Shopping for clothes is suddenly SO much easier, I’m saving money by strategically picking items that work for me, and I keep getting compliments about how I look! Wearing the right colors is subtle but so impactful; I highly recommend investing in working with Joy, it’s well worth it.
Nicole M.
Nicole M.
Joy, has been a lifesaver for me. This colour/style journey has not only saved me numerous hours but also a significant amount of money. Joy's patience and extensive knowledge have been invaluable. I truly appreciate the expertise she brings to the table. I will cherish the knowledge gained from this experience for years to come. Looking back, I wish I had embarked on this journey sooner. Highly recommended!
Treya K.
Treya K.
Joy was amazing as I took on a new look, losing 35 pounds she helped me with everything. She got my style and really nailed what works for me, then shopped and delivered it all to my house. What a great experience it was working with her. She is a total pro. I discovered the science of Colour!
Samanta R.
Samanta R.
Loved my experience! Joy was very professional. She was patient and showed me all the colours that suits on me. She carefully listened to my questions and guide me till the end. Thanks again! 😊
McKendree S.
McKendree S.
After getting a Colour Analysis from Joy I have new-found confidence shopping for clothing and makeup that I look and feel great in. During our session I learned how different colours accentuate my positives and negatives, how to build a cohesive wardrobe, and even what shades of red lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow work best for me and my season. She is warm and welcoming, and her studio is a clean, professional space. The compliments have come rolling in after following her recommendations. Thank you so much Joy!
Alejandra P.
Alejandra P.
I had my colour analysis with Joy and it was a wonderful experience. Joy is a lovely person. It was a surprise to find out what my colour season is. It is super interesting to learn that if you use the right colours you can bring out the best in yourself to share with others. I am very happy with the information Joy shared with me.
Rhonda H.
Rhonda H.
I recently had Joy's Personal Color Analysis and found it incredibly helpful. She took the time to explained the science behind color psychology and how to use it to make a positive impact. Overall, I highly recommend Joy Colour & Image Consulting to anyone looking to enhance their personal style. Joy is a true expert in her field and her passion and enthusiasm are contagious.Thank you, Joy, for the wonderful experience!
Lindsay L.
Lindsay L.
I had my colour analysis with Joy it was fantastic! She was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. She also gave me a ton of great info and resources that I could use after my appointment. Thanks Joy!
Brittany M.
Brittany M.
Working with Joy was one of the BEST investments I made in myself in 2022. I don't live in Vancouver, so I flew from Edmonton to experience her Personal Colour Analysis & Personal Image Analysis Session.Joy's knowledge about colour/style and scientific-based training, along with her kind and supportive personality is what drew me to her. I didn't want to just hire a stylist who would style me in clothes and colours that they like and wear, but instead, someone who was able to celebrate my unique shape and features, and help me dress for the features I do have!To say this was a transformative experience is an understatement. It's hard to put into words how your perspective on clothes, colours, make-up and yourself changes after a session with Joy.Before working with Joy, I never considered myself to be stylish. I didn't know how to put certain looks together, I would walk into a clothing store feeling overwhelmed, I would spend money on clothes that didn't look great on me (and I didn't know why).Since doing these sessions with Joy, I know EXACTLY what colours, outfits, styles, and materials look great on ME! I feel so much more confident in my clothes and have received so many compliments on my outfits from strangers, family and friends ALL the time! (this never happened before). Shopping is SO MUCH easier (I can easily go into a store and know what will work for me and what won't).I've taken my entire personal image to a whole new level!Yes, it is an investment, but it is one you will never regret making. I feel so much BETTER and HAPPIER in my clothes and I have a closet full of items that I actually wear and love.Thank you, Joy! I am so grateful for this experience and service with you. It's completely changed everything for me!
alyssa B.
alyssa B.
Absolutely wonderful experience ! Joy was so lovely and informative, I can now go out and find not only my best colours to wear but the best makeup choices to compliment those colours ! Couldn’t have been better !
Sarah V.
Sarah V.
My colour consult and analysis with Joy was super fun and informative. Learning about my season and what colours look best on me has helped me step out of my comfort zone and wear bolder, brighter colours that make me shine!Thanks Joy!
Allison G.
Allison G.
I went to see Joy for a colour assessment and I was really blown away with the difference having this consult made. I realized, even though I have a lot of items in my closet, very few were doing anything for me. As a result, I shop much more intentionally. It's saved me a ton of money and I was finally able to purge the items from my closet that i 'loved' but never seemed to actually wear. It's really the difference between those 'I love your outfit' comments versus 'that looks great on you' comments. I can't recommend getting a colour assessment profiling from Joy enough, I really wish I did this years ago.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Joy Colour & Image Consulting currently offers the following services:

Personal Colour Analysis – (In Person)

Personal Image Anaysis – (Online)

Personal Shopping – (Vancouver Area)

Personal Shopping – (Online)

Follow-Up Consultation Services for precious Colour and Image Analysis clients. 

Don’t see a service around colour or style you were hoping for? Send me an email and let’s discuss your goals.

What is a Personal Colour Analysis?

Good Question!

A personal colour analysis is a methodology used,  based on 12 season* (yes, 12!) colour groups that will help you determine the best colours you want to be wearing to look, feel, and emote your best!

A personal colour analysis really helps you figure out what colors make you look radiant, feel happy, and perform more confidently in anything you do.

During your lengthy session, we will utilize a draping method of comparison to eliminate colours that don’t work for you and to identify the season of colours that are ideal for you. You will learn a lot along the way during this process as well!

Once we go through this extensive draping method and education on the process, then we spend time on how to use your new colour palette for success with make-up, clothing choices, shopping tendencies, mixing and matching, etc.

We will end with a Q&A session where you feel educated, empowered, and ready to tackle colours in your life with new energy and confidence!

A personal colour analysis is more than just finding your colours. It’s finding your confidence, your sparkle, your inner glow through your colours, which in turn offers such benefits as:

  • Looking younger and more radiant
  • Looking slimmer with more defined features
  • Looking comfortable and more yourself
  • Looking capable, confident, and credible
  • Looking stylish and elegant

You can learn about the personal colour analysis here.

*It was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s to do a 4 Season Personal Colour Analysis. However, over time it became clear that only about 25% of the population identified with one of the 4 seasons, so a 12 Season System was created to be more accurate and inclusive in the approach to Colour Analysis.

What is a Personal Image Analysis?

A personal image analysis, unlike a personal color analysis, focuses more on your style personality, your body shape, and what’s called your archetype to help you determine what outfits and combinations of clothing and accessories look and wear the best on you.

A Personal Image Analysis is a way to understand what enhances your unique beauty and what diminishes it. It creates clarity and intention in your shopping to help you stop wasting time and money on outfits that are just average on you.

For most people, our best look shows up randomly.

Have that one outfit that you…

….love how it feels
….how it looks
….constantly receives compliments from.

But you can’t put your finger on “why” and have trouble duplicating that feeling in an outfit?

This is where a personal image analysis can help.

What matters regarding personal style is creating a style that takes full advantage of your best features and leaves you feeling confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

You can learn about personal image analysis here.

Which service do you recommend starting with?

This is a great question and one I receive often.

If you haven’t had either a colour or personal image analysis, I recommend starting with your colour analysis.

The colours that we wear are so impactful, that it accounts for about 80% of our style. A beautiful and expensive outfit that flatters your body, will still look terrible if the colour doesn’t work for you.

My clients find the most success and value when completing their colour analysis prior to their image analysis.

Interested in purchasing both services?
That’s great, and a common choice! We do offer price breaks for purchasing both services.

How long is a session?

An image or colour analysis is more about the experience you receive than it is about the time on the clock.

The length varies according to your questions and what you want to get out of it. You aren’t rushed out the door after a certain time. I’m here for you to maximize the most out of your session.

That being said, I recommend clients plan for 3 – 3.5 hours for their personal colour analysis and 2 hours for their personal image analysis.

What type of clients do you work with?

I often work with these types of clients on their colour or image:

  • Corporate women or men looking to improve their professional wardrobe.
  • Women or men re-entering the dating scene and wanting to freshen their look.
  • Women in their 40s+ who feel they gravitated to the same styles and colors in the last 20 years.
  • Those going gray who want to look current and refreshed wearing your best colours. Gray hair doesn’t have to be aging when you’re wearing colours that you rock!
  • Savvy shoppers who are excited at the notion of spending both less time and less money finding what looks good.
  • Influencers and on-camera personalities who want to look their best.
  • Those who had a four-season colour analysis done years ago, who don’t feel empowered or informed by that process.
  • Individuals who are simply curious and want to see what’s possible for them.
  • Adults who have set goals for their professional or romantic lives and want to use colour to their advantage in achieving those goals.

Are your services in-person or online?

It depends on the service. All in-person services are available in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Personal Colour Analysis
A personal colour analysis is in-person only.

However, once you’ve had a personal colour analysis, I do offer follow-up consultations at an hourly rate for both in-person or virtual sessions.

Personal Image Analysis
A personal image analysis is an online service conducted through a private zoom meeting. 

Closet Concierge Services
This is available as an in-person service only.

Personal Shopping Services
Offered both in person in the Vancouver area, or online.

Does a colour palette change over time?

Your colour palette typically stabilizes around 15 years of age.
However, the best colours within your palette do change as your skin ages and your hair greys.
Reviewing your Personal Colour Analysis can be very helpful in supporting you to continuously choose your ideal colours and to reinvent yourself over time as your skin and hair colours evolve.

What if I have a deep sun tan?

For a colour analysis, if your face is only lightly tanned, which is to be expected in the summer, it still works to have your Personal Colour Analysis.
If your face is tanned more than a light amount, it will make it difficult to see your undertone and to give you an accurate analysis.
In the case of a more than lightly tanned face, I suggest that you book your session one month out and limit your sun exposure in the interim.

What do your services cost?

Personal Colour Analysis, $495+GST
This includes:

  • An in-person session (3- 3.5 hours)
  • Personalized draping
  • Before & After Photos
  • Your own personalized 65-color palette ($85 value)
  • Training on how to use your palette going forward
  • Extensive Q&A session.
  • Lipstick and accessory consult according to your new palette.
  • A lifetime of value and savings on no longer purchasing the wrong colors.
  • Includes a 15% Discount on Personal Image Analysis
    • if booked within 30 days of PCA.


Personal Image Analysis, Starting at $495+GST

This includes:

  • Head-to-toe style consult and training.
  • Completing your facial and body shape analysis.
  • Completing your image archetype analysis.
  • Training on how to seek your best style pant, top, shoes, and accessories.
  • Training on how to put an outfit together.
  • Identify Your Style Brand
  • Extensive Q&A to answer all your questions.
  • Discount on follow-up sessions.

Optional Upgrades

  • Closet Concierge Service
  • In-person shopping together
  • Online shopping together
  • Follow-Up Consultation

All add-ons are offered only in addition to, or after, the above services, but not as stand-alone offerings. The rate is $150/hr with a travel fee of $35 charged in 30-minute increments. 


What is your cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes life can get in the way and that an analysis may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

An analysis may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior, with 0% balance due.

However, if cancelling without the intent to re-schedule less than 24 hours prior to service, a $50 cancellation fee is required. 

Ready to find your authentic style?

I'm ready to help. Use the button below to schedule your personal colour analysis or image consultation today. Have a question before booking? Send me a note with your questions.

My values


Thrive in the world

The work I do is not just about colour and style – it’s about empowering you to have access to your best self and best life.


The smart shopper

My system for colour and style provides complete clarity about what works and doesn’t work, right down to the details. 


Be your own version of beautiful

True style arises when our clothes are a natural and authentic expression of ourselves. When our inside and our outside match there is harmony, power, and freedom. 


Dare to go after your dreams

Some of the best and most courageous actions taken arise on days you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. I strive for this every day.


Learn, grow, and live your best life

When we are expanding we naturally open doors that were previously closed. I try to live my life full of aliveness and expansion in all ways.

Here’s to chasing your dreams
in your best outfit.
Let’s talk.