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Client love

"Before doing my Personal Colour Analysis and Personal Image Analysis with Joy, my closet was mostly black and grey with a little bit of blue. I was so afraid of buying colour and struggled with what would match and look good on me. Discovering the colours that work for me has been a complete game-changer. I'm having so much fun wearing bright colours (I'm a “Bright Spring”) and bright lipstick.

One of the surprising results has been that I've never been much of a shopper but during my recent extended stay in Mexico, I found myself finding fantastic outfits in stores because I'm confident with what colours and styles will work for me. I have friends and clients constantly commenting on how vibrant and good I look. Joy has definitely found her calling and is gifted at what she does."
Jennifer |

Corporate and Grief Coach

"Before my Personal Image Analysis, I was always trying to guess what would look good on me. Sometimes I felt good about my choices and other times I felt unsure. During my Analysis, I could really identify with the styles that were best suited for my face and body and I could see myself comfortably wearing them.

I felt at home with the recommendations and I went out shopping the next day for a dress for my son’s wedding. I felt powerfully armed with what I needed to be successful. I found a dress I loved and bought it without any of my usual hesitation. My son’s wedding became even more special because of how beautiful, confident, and happy I felt. And the compliments didn’t hurt either! I feel much more confident now in my ability to create outfits that make the most of my unique features and that’s a BIG WIN!"
Maria |

Dental Hygienist

"As a redhead with fair skin, before my Personal Colour Analysis, I typically didn’t wear much makeup. I’ve always wanted to have a few bold lipstick shades – especially a red. However, any ginger will know that finding the right shade of red in a sea of lipsticks is impossible! I’ve never been able to find “the right one,” and gave up years ago. In addition, I avoided shopping for clothes as much as possible, as I just find it overwhelming and generally discouraging.

During my Personal Colour Analysis, I learned that I am a “Dark Autumn.” I now have access to an entire rainbow of colours. What’s even more exciting is that I don’t have to waste time trying to figure out the right colours when I’m buying clothes; I can bring my swatch and know immediately if it’s a yes or a no.

Furthermore, during my PCA we discovered my PERFECT shade of red lipstick while wearing the perfect red drape! As soon as I put it on, it was an immediate transformation. Having my colours done has changed my relationship to how I present myself. This was an investment that will save me a TON of time, money, and mental energy for the rest of my life."
Kathleen |

Naturopathic Doctor

"After Joy draped me in different hues, I could see the difference colours make. I could see when the colour was leading, when my face was leading, and when there was balance between my face and the colour. My face would light up when the right colour was draped around me.

I got insight into the array of colours that I am suited for and they’re the colours I like to wear. I also found some new colours to wear: forest green and aubergine. There was this one moment where I saw myself walking into a boardroom in a forest green pantsuit and it felt amazing!

I’ve been having fun experimenting with makeup since my analysis, too. It has simplified my makeup supplies as a result. It was a really fun experience. I highly recommend it."
Kathryn |

Marketing Consultant

"I’ve always gravitated towards creams, blacks, greys and maybe a touch of dark blue. I went into the Personal Colour Analysis session not knowing what colours actually suited me and felt that this process would be the only way to know for sure. I was very excited to see what my colours would be!

Joy introduced the session with passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence. Now I can say, without a doubt, that I am a Dark Winter. I can see how in some colours I can disappear but in my Dark Winter colours I come alive. Joy helped me see this in a way that I hadn’t seen before. It gives me an extra layer of confidence to know I’m wearing colours that make me look my best. This is the best thing you can do for yourself."
Kathy |

HR Administrator & Senior Project Accountant

"I wasn’t feeling great about my body before my Personal Image Analysis session. The last few purchases that I made didn’t look great on me and I told myself it was because of my body. After my appointment I understood that there was nothing wrong with my body; I was just not wearing the styles that are a match for the lines and shape of my body and I felt instantly relieved.

Joy opened my eyes to seeing how I can dress to feel like my best self. Understanding my body shape and what clothes flatter me brings ease and joy to the shopping experience. I now know why when I look in my closet and gravitate towards certain pieces that I feel confident and really great in, it's because I know that my shape is complimented. Thank you, Joy, for this new me!"
Alicia |

Supply Chain Analyst

Light Summer VS Dark Autumn

Which season do you think looks best on Izzy?

Watch the Reel to see how we can rule out that these lighter shades are not Izzy’s best colours, and which ones truly are!

It was an absolute joy working with Izzy (@izzyxclusive)
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A Personal Color Analysis Isn’t Just for the Ladies!

Over the past year, I’ve worked with a few men (or those who identify as male) in helping them find their best colours!

For some of them, they wanted to feel more confident in their career (ie. in Sales, Marketing or CEO), for others, they wanted to elevate their style game. And for all of them, they wanted to make shopping easier & faster.

Whether it’s for the boardroom or a casual weekend, understanding which colours complement your skin tone and personality can elevate your look.

Does your man or partner know his colour season? If not, send me a DM and let’s book a complimentary consult call today!
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Take a peek inside my Bright Winter wardrobe… 👀

This Reel shows how your colour palette also be used to curate a perfectly coordinated wardrobe. Updating my closet to be in my colour season didn’t happen over night - it took a few years.

Now that I have a closet in all of my Bright Winter colours, I can easily put outfits together, as everything on my colour palette matches. In addition, I can wear my clothes with confidence because I know each item in my closet is in a colour that looks best on me.

Whether you are looking to trim down your capsule wardrobe or striving to build a closet full of clothes you love, the best place to start is knowing your colour season.

If you are starting to build a capsule wardrobe in your colour season, comment with a 🙌 below!
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You’ve had a Personal Colour Analysis and now what!?

The beauty of discovering your colour season, which includes YOUR 65 best colours, is that everything within that season goes together perfectly.

In this reel, I’m explaining and showing how you can use your unique Palette to start adding colour to your wardrobe and some creative ways to combine colours together.

P.S. Which outfit is your favourite? (psst, I am a Bright Winter).
Look 1: Yellow Top & Black Pants
Look 2: Yellow Top & Bright Blue Pants
Look 3: Yellow Top & Green Pants
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Sheridan is a perfect example of someone wearing her BEST colours!

She is a True Winter, and each of these colours look stunning on her because they harmonize with her natural colouring.

Here are some signs I looked for:

✅ If the colour you wear enhances your natural features - think smoother skin, clear features, sharper jawline, sparkling eyes.
✅ If the colours that make you shine create the right radiance of your natural tone and features.
✅ If you feel naturally elevated, energized and confident wearing these colours.

When you wear your best colours you look like someone who knows themselves - you look capable and confident to everyone you meet.

Which colour is your favourite on Sheridan?

[Disclaimer: Our Colour Analysis process is conducted without the use of makeup to assess your ideal colour palette accurately. The images displayed in these reels feature clients wearing their preferred makeup shades following their Colour Analysis assessment.]
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Do you rotate the colours in your closet with the seasons?

I find it helpful to choose a few colours (from your season, of course) to feature in the spring/summer and a few for fall/winter.

As a Bright Winter, bold, bright and cool colours look best on me. So in the Fall/Winter, you’ll see me wearing more vibrant reds, bright yellows, and dark blues. I’ll also mix in a few neutrals that are in my season, like dark browns, black and tans with a cool undertone.

The typical “autumn” shades, like warm golden yellows, oranges and creams actually clash with my appearance, making me look more pale and drained.

As I transition my wardrobe from summer to fall, you’ll see a mixture of bright summery colours (like pink) combined with cozy pieces (jacket), allowing me to embrace the cooler weather with confidence.

It also helps me focus in on accessories and shoes that pair best with my chosen shades.

Each season has its own colour palette that can be adapted for any time of year. If you’ve had a Personal Colour Analysis with me and you aren’t sure how to transition your wardrobe for Autumn or Winter, send me a DM and let’s chat!

What colours are you excited to wear this fall? 🍂👇
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Celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband and our furbaby, Gracie, here in beautiful North Vancouver. 💖

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and safe season.
Grateful for each and every one of you!
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3 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Summer Outfits for Fall!

From a cozy chic jacket to cute accessories, here are 3 summer outfits I have styled for Autumn.

Which look is your favourite?
Look 1
Look 3
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Do you tend to wear more black or neutral colours in the fall? 🍂

That's what I commonly see from both men and women during this time of the year. But, your outfits during Autumn can be a mixture of neutrals but also colour! 🖤🤎🤍❤️💜💛

Swipe to see some of the outfits I am wearing this Fall. Which outfit is your favourite?

P.S. If you’re ready to discover your best colours and learn how to incorporate those colours into your wardrobe any season, send me a DM! Booking into November & December.
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Is it worth investing in an online personal colour analysis?

Using an online tool or doing a virtual session can be convenient, but I often have clients come to me in person, realizing that the colour they were ‘recommended’ from an AI tool or virtual consultation didn’t feel right. 

So many factors come into play when you get a Personal Colour Analysis done - lighting, clarity of the photo, background colours, hair colour (especially if you’ve coloured it), natural undertones, etc. that can lead to an incorrect colour season suggestion. 

👆In my opinion, there’s no substitute for the personalized, hands-on experience of an in-person analysis. 

As an expert consultant, I not only determine your colour season but empower you with the knowledge and guidance to THRIVE in it! ✨

Want to feel confident in your true colour season?
Invest in yourself and discover the real power of a personalized, in-person Color Analysis! 

P.S. My studio is located in North Vancouver, BC, which is a GREAT city to visit any time of year. Link in bio to book a consultation today. 
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